COVID 19 - Announcement

Dear Patients,

We want to take a moment and connect with you directly as the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact our communities, our clients, and our health care team. 

The well-being and safety of our patients, families and our team are our top priorities and will always be at the heart of every decision we make.

As the status of COVID-19 unfolds, we have made numerous adjustments to the way the clinic operates following the guidelines and recommendations as outlined by Public Health of Ontario and the World Health Organization, and implementing all the best practices to limit and prevent further spread of the COVID-19.

We want to remind you, these changes are only temporary and will be in place to optimize the health and safety of our community. We ask for your patience and understanding as we deal with the impact of COVID-19.

Are you open?

Yes, all of our sites remain open. Our operating hours are the same as always.

Do I have to come to the clinic to be cared for?

If you have a working phone and are not requiring a change in your medication dose, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO COME INTO THE CLINIC TO BE SEEN. You can call into the clinic and provide your working phone number and the physician will reach out to you by phone.

What about my carries? Do I need to do a urine sample?

No, we are using temporary protocols to extend MOST ‘carry doses’ without the need for urine testing. We can do this over the phone. Safe storage requirements for carry doses still apply.

What have we done about COVID19 in our clinic?

If you come in person to our clinics you would see many steps taken to keep everyone safe during COVID19.

  • Signage has been placed throughout the clinic
  • Chairs have been reduced and removed from our waiting areas
  • Every patient is required to PURELL their hands on arrival
  • Each patient is screened for any COVID19 risks upon arrival
  • Anyone with risk is asked to leave the clinic and will be followed up in an alternate manner.
  • Telephone appointments will be offered where possible.
  • Patients will be streamlined to reduce the amount (if any) of time required to be in clinic.

If you are a regular client with access to a telephone, please call the clinic to assess if your needs can be handled by telephone during this time.

What if I am sick?

Please do not come into the clinic. Call the clinic for instructions on how to proceed.

What about my counselling?

We continue to have counselling available to you. This is all being done by telephone. If you feel you need to connect with a counsellor, please call the clinic and they will coordinate a telephone session with counselling.

Thank you
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