Information for Referring Professionals

At Recovery Cornwall, we are actively reaching out to the community to build partnerships with community health and social service agencies to help improve the mental health and quality of life of persons in the Cornwall region who are struggling with addiction. We are striving to educate the public and reduce the stigma surrounding addiction and treatment. And we are actively engaged with community partners to help our patients access the resources necessary to maximize their chances of real success in beating their addiction. If you are a medical, psychiatric,or social services professional, and you’re looking for help for a client or patient who is struggling with addiction, we’d like to encourage you to connect with us to see if a referral to Recovery Cornwall might be right for your client.

Key Factors that Make Recovery Cornwall a Good Referral Partner

Over the past decades, drug treatment centres and methadone clinics have earned an unfortunate reputation as depressing, run-down places where crowds of unfortunate souls must wait – often for hours – before they can get help. You can see as soon as you walk through the door that Recovery Cornwall is an entirely different kind of place. Our beautiful facility and respectful staff provide a meaningful opportunity for real and effective change. The treatment centre features an attractive storefront and an on-premise pharmacy, and looks like a high-end medical clinic. And while there is a waiting area, it is rarely full, because clients can easily make appointments to see a caregiver, and in most cases, new clients and walk-ins can see a physician right away after registering at the reception area. Here are some of the factors that may make Recovery Cornwall a good fit for your clients or patients:

1) We have full-time physicians on staff, and are ready to help patients now.

We don’t believe in waiting lists. We keep physicians permanently on staff and available to see patients. Many public harm reduction and detox programs are over-subscribed, and many patients who need help are kept waiting for days or even weeks when they need immediate help. In most cases a patient that is referred to Recovery Cornwall will be able to see a doctor and get help the same day.

2) We offer comprehensive treatment of the whole person.

Recovery Cornwall is not a “harm reduction” centre, or a methadone clinic. We believe in treating the whole person, which means that our program includes a physical examination, testing, and treatment, as well as counselling. If your client or patient is a good candidate for treatment, and is serious about beating their addiction, this is the most effective way to treat it.

3) We are a full-service centre of excellence.

The Recovery Cornwall treatment centre includes all of the services you need for an effective treatment program on our premises. These include medical examination and treatment facilities, private rooms for counselling, a meeting area, and an on-premise pharmacy and drug testing laboratory. Our staff includes a psychiatrist, 2 pharmacists, and an addictions and mental health nurse.

4) Our on-premise pharmacy means patients can get supervised treatment while they’re here.

If your client or patient’s treatment program includes requirements for methadone or Suboxone, they can get their treatment prescription filled and get a supervised dose 7 days a week at our on-premise pharmacy.

5) We provide testing and lab services on-premises.

As an additional convenience to clients and patients, we have monitored sample facilities and a drug-testing lab on premises.

6) We will treat your clients and patients with respect.

Individuals struggling with addiction are not failures or diminished persons. We are fighting hard to educate the public about the fact that addiction is a real mental health issue, and to reduce the stigma surrounding addiction and treatment. All of our staff are completely committed to this ideal in their lives and in their work. We treat our clients with the compassion, courtesy, and respect that they deserve.   If you are interested in connecting with us and learning more about the services Recovery Cornwall can provide for your clients or patients, please feel welcome to connect with us on LinkedIn, or to contact us directly.