Primary Care Program

Recovery Care is now proud to offer primary care walk-in services for our patients. The new program will allow patients to access primary health care services in addition to substance use disorder treatment. This additional service will help to establish a one door model of care, easing access to primary health services which are currently limited with our patient population. 

This program is led by Canadian Certified Physician Assistants across all of our clinics under the supervision of physicians specialized in family medicine. You can expect a unique experience at Recovery Care. Our focus is to bring you flexible and accessible healthcare services right in your community.

How to Make an Appointment

Patients may access the Primary Care Program by walk-in during regular business hours with no appointment necessary. Patients can present to the reception desk and ask to be registered for a walk-in visit.

Dual Care:
Walk-in primary care visits can be made separate from addictions services; however, dual visits are possible when clinically appropriate.

Remote Care:
Patients of Recovery Care at sites where a Physician Assistant is not present may also register for a primary care visit virtually.

Services Offered

  • Walk-in primary care medicine.
  • Preventative health care, including cancer screening.
  • Referral to specialty services.
  • Post-hospital discharge follow-up and suture removal.
  • Prescription renewal (excluding controlled substances).
  • Mental health appointments, including crisis support.
  • Housing and community support referrals.
  • Assistance in registering with provincial services to find a primary care provider.

Healthcare Professionals, Hospitals & Community Partners

Looking to coordinate care for one of your clients or wondering if a service is available? You can connect with the Physician Assistant Lead, Anthony Desloges by emailing or by faxing a referral to 613-680-0411.
Referral Form

Introducing HealthCheck!

At Recovery Care, we recognize the challenges in accessing health care services and registering with a primary care provider. Has it been over 1 year since you had a general check-up by a health care provider? Register for an appointment today!

Please note that this service is only offered to individuals who are not currently registered with a primary care provider.

What to Expect

During the HealthCheck appointment you will meet with the Canadian Certified Physician Assistant at the clinic to complete a health status evaluation. The Physician Assistant will work with you to complete a full medical history, conduct a physical examination and order further testing if necessary. The focus of the visit is to ensure that you are up to date on your immunizations and following the Canadian guidelines for preventative care including:

  • Colorectal Cancer Screening
  • Cervical Cancer Screening
  • Breast Cancer Screening
  • Lung Cancer Screening
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • … and more!

How to Book an Appointment

Clients wishing to complete a HealthCheck must register in-person at the Recovery Care Byward clinic [306 Rideau Street, Ottawa ON, K1N 5Y5] during regular business hours.

Should you wish, during this appointment the provider can also register you for Health Care Connect, which is a provincial service that helps individuals find a primary care provider.

Healthcare Provider and Patient Forms:

To make your visit run as smoothly as possible we recommend filling out a HealthCheck Intake Form prior to registering for an appointment. If you have trouble accessing or filling the form, you can always complete it at registration.

Healthcare providers and community partners referring patient for HealthCheck are encouraged to complete the form with the patient and fax it to 613-680-0411.

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