What to Expect When You Arrive

At Recovery Cornwall, our whole purpose is to make treatment accessible and immediate. If you’re ready to get help, we’re ready to help you.

You can call ahead to Recovery Cornwall, or simply come in and present yourself at the registration desk. There’s no administrative delay or waiting list. We understand how important it is to take action right away when you’re ready to make a change in your life.

When you come to Recovery Cornwall, you can expect to find welcoming, respectful staff and a comprehensive treatment centre where you have immediate access to all of the services you need in an environment that respects your privacy.

Here’s what will happen when you arrive:




1) Enrollment

The recovery Cornwall staff will enroll you as a client in an addiction treatment program. They’ll take your basic information, and arrange for you to meet with a Recovery Cornwall physician for a consultation.




2) Examination

If it’s at all possible, you will be able to see a physician right away. The physician will examine you and provide a consultation to identify any complicating factors and to help identify what course of treatment will be most effective for you.




3) Treatment Protocol

Your Recovery Cornwall physician will design a treatment protocol for you and explain what therapy will be required. Treatment protocols will vary depending on your physical health, and the type of substance abuse you are struggling with.


Pharmacy Consult


4) Pharmacy Consult

After your physician has prescribed your treatment protocol, you will be given an immediate consultation with the Recovery Cornwall pharmacist at our in-house Respect Pharmacy. In most cases, our Recovery Cornwall pharmacist can start dispensing treatment to you immediately.


This is the Time for Complete Honesty

When you meet with a Recovery Cornwall physician, it’s important to be completely candid. You need to tell him or her about any physical problems you may be experiencing, and you need to make your physician aware if you have been using more than one substance, or if you have been engaging in any high-risk activities like unprotected sex or needle use.

You physician isn’t here to judge or censure you, but it’s important that they know about any factors in your life that may affect your physical health or your recovery, since these things will directly impact the effectiveness of your treatment, and in some cases you may require medical therapy as well as addiction recovery treatment.

As is the case with every physician – anything that you share with your Recovery Cornwall physician is protected by doctor-patient privilege, and will be kept completely private.

No matter how bad you may feel about your current situation, it’s probably not as uncommon as you may think, and you will only be able to get well if you get treatment as a whole person, rather than focusing entirely on one substance that you are struggling with.